Eddie Cruz

Raised in the tough streets of the East New York section of Brooklyn, I overcame the crime, drugs and gang activities that infested my neighborhood and were part of my day-to-day life. What made for a challenging childhood prepared me with the skills necessary to be a successful undercover for the New York City Police Department, and later as a private investigator. During my years as an undercover I was immersed in the dark world of narcotics, where I also conducted numerous physical surveillances. My success led me to even assist federal agencies during their own narcotic operations. Upon retirement, I entered the private sector and focused primarily on the surveillance component of private investigations. I’m currently a licensed private investigator who chooses to work as an independent contractor for various PI companies. Using the knowledge and experiences I’ve gathered over my years in the harsh streets of Brooklyn, as an undercover in narcotics, and later as a private investigator, I created Surveillance, an easy-to-use and comprehensive guide