An Uncanny Episode

I never wanted to be a uniformed police officer, but it was the only path to take if I wanted to become a detective or an undercover. And so, four and a half years after I joined the police force I entered the Narcotics Division as an undercover and quickly learned that I was made for this work. I loved everything about it end enjoyed going to work every day. People have occasionally asked me about the dangers of this job and what was my scariest moment? The memory that immediately comes to mind is not something you would expect.


I was assisting another narcotics team in my division with the assignment of making a “Warrant buy”. A warrant buy is when you purchase illegal drugs in an inside location like an apartment, a store etc. After a purchase is made a warrant is later obtained in order to execute a raid on the location. Well, on this day I arrived at the location, a large apartment building, with another undercover who was driving our vehicle. I entered the location alone while my partner remained with the vehicle. I took an elevator to my destination and as I exited the elevator I stepped into a small hallway approximately 25 by 15 feet. This wasn’t the typical public housing hallway that I was so familiar with. The elevator doors closed as I began to search for the target apartment.  In the far corner, I identified the apartment and began my approach. Suddenly, I realized that the door to the apartment was ajar. As I got closer a sudden wave of fear came over me. Now, up to this point I had already done numerous narcotic operations, and many of those were a lot more threatening than this particular case. Yet, I was so uncomfortable that I decided to abort. As soon as I arrived on the ground floor and stepped out of the elevator I saw my partner running through the entrance doors in my direction with a concerned look on his face. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he said that he suddenly had this concern for me and decided to rush inside.


That was a very strange and mysterious moment for me. I went on to conduct many more narcotic transactions after this event and never had a repeated episode like the one just described. I may never know the mystery of my experience, but the fact that I’m here, and able to write about it, is good enough for me. 

Eddie Cruz